Find Our Happiness.



Zhongshan Huafa Mall

Zhongshan Huafa Mall


Find Our Happiness.

What is the giant monkey with the red binoculars at the entrance of the shopping mall looking for?

In today’s society where internet shopping is convenient, people come to shopping centers because they “can have fun and feel happy.” Through this artwork, I hope to explore the relationship between Zhongshan City, art, and living spaces more deeply, and to have people enjoy themselves in commercial spaces and think about “Happiness” for us.

Memories and experiences are more enjoyable and active when we share art pieces and spaces and communicate with each other.

I hope this artwork becomes a place that brings happiness to people who visit Zhongshan Huafa Mall.


インターネットショッピングが便利な現代の社会環境の中でも、 商業空間に人々が足を運ぶ理由は「楽しい、幸せな気分になれるから」だと考えています。




Find Our Happiness. UAP

Experience the playful and bold sculptures of Japanese artist Motoka Watanabe, exhibited in galleries, parks, and public spaces worldwide. Taking the form of an ape holding binoculars, this interactive sculpture invites visitors to search for smaller sculptural "fruits" hidden throughout the commercial center. Crafted using panel-beaten aluminum in UAP's (Urban Art Projects) Shanghai workshop, the 5.8m tall sculpture features bright red binoculars with fiber optic lights embedded in the infinite mirror lenses. UAP's (Urban Art Projects) Shanghai team collaborated with Zhongshan Huafa and the artist to curate, design, and create this incredible artwork.

Title Find Our Happiness.
Artist WA!moto.
Year 2021
Material Aluminum, Urethane paint
Size W3.5 × H5.7 × D3 m
PLACEZhongshan Huafa Mall
Zhongshan Huafa Mall
Zhongshan, China
CLIENTZhongshan Huafa Group Co.,Ltd.
Find Our Happiness. Public Space