Exploring with the Yellow Binoculars



ROKKO MEETS ART 2023 “beyond”

ROKKO MEETS ART 2023 “beyond”


Exploring with the Yellow Binoculars

Exploring with the Yellow Binoculars

Using yellow binoculars, let’s search for yellow nest boxes in the forest. This adventurous journey will remind us of the importance of coexisting with nature through the lives of wild birds and the breath of the forest. In this visual adventure, we can deepen our connection with birds and nature, and experience new discoveries and emotions. In this artwork, the forest itself becomes the artwork. In the trees of Mount Rokko, ten yellow bird nest boxes are installed. In these nest boxes, we can observe the actual nesting and living habits of wild birds. We will explore the forest relying on the yellow nest boxes. We will carefully observe to find the location of the nest boxes and the behavior of the wild birds. Various types of birds will likely build nests inside the nest boxes. Small birds use branches and leaves as nest materials and meticulously build their nests. Around the nest boxes, we will start to see the busy activity of birds flying around in search of food and water. Through observing the lives of birds in the artwork, we will learn about their behavior and habits. By witnessing them building nests and raising their young, we can understand the efforts they put in. We can also learn about the presence and role of birds in the forest. Birds maintain the balance of the forest ecosystem by consuming seeds and leftover pests. Their presence helps us reaffirm our often-forgotten connection with nature. This artwork will bring us new discoveries and emotions. By witnessing birds building nests and living, we can feel their presence and the importance of nature in our proximity. This adventurous journey will help us recognize the importance of coexisting with nature. We will deepen our connection with nature and gain new perspectives and values.

* This artwork is planned to be exhibited and open to the public for three years starting from August 26, 2023, as part of ROKKO MEETS ART 2023 “beyond” project. 

Rokko Meets Art 2024 beyond

Rokko Meets Art 2024 beyond is a contemporary art festival held every autumn on Mt. Rokko in Kobe. It has been held 13 times since 2010, with over 500 artists taking part to date.








※ この作品は ROKKO MEETS ART 2023 “beyond” の企画で2023年8月26日から3年間展示公開されています。

神戸六甲ミーツ・アート2024 beyond

神戸六甲ミーツ・アート2024 beyondは、神戸・六甲山上で毎年秋に開催される現代アートの芸術祭です。2010年からこれまでに13回開催され、今までに500組以上のアーティストが参加しました。