Mirror finished, Bronze

W140 × H85 × D50 mm



The sculpture of a banana, shining in golden color and reflecting its surroundings, is a symbol of creativity. Its beautiful radiance, like that of the sun, captivates our eyes and serves as a source of light for those around it. Such sculptures serve as incentives, inspiring people with the courage to challenge themselves and generate new ideas.

The presence and vibrancy of this artwork epitomize the creative thinking in art and design. The golden shine of the sculpture steals our gaze, as if possessing a mysterious power, and enchants us with its beauty. It instills dreams and hopes within us, encouraging us to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Furthermore, the banana sculpture evokes innovative thinking and sparks the generation of new ideas. Despite appearing as an ordinary fruit, the banana, with its golden glow, stands out in our eyes. Such art pieces stimulate our imagination and urge us to think beyond established concepts and norms, fostering new ideas and perspectives. The banana sculpture truly expands the framework of our thinking and serves as an incentive for generating groundbreaking ideas. Additionally, it instills the courage to challenge ourselves. By reinterpreting the banana, which is typically seen as a food, as an artwork, we are liberated from conventional concepts and fixed notions, allowing for free thinking. Such challenging art pieces instill confidence in ourselves and our abilities, empowering us to fearlessly venture into new territories.

Incentive” is indeed a symbol of creativity, providing people with the courage and fresh perspectives to generate new ideas. Its radiant beauty and provocative presence stimulate our imagination and inspire us to explore new ideas and possibilities. We hope that this artwork enriches our hearts and brings new energy to society as a whole.





Title Incentive
Artist WA!moto.
Year 2020
Material Mirror finished, Bronze
Size W140 × H85 × D50 mm