Urethane paint, Urethane coating, Urethane foam

H25,00 × W16,00 × D12,00mm



Chimpanzees are looking for friends, even if they are separated or of different species, our hearts are connected.

ともだちを探すチンパンジー、離れていても、種族が違っても、 心は繋がっているよ。

Walking Sculpture Series.

The series is a highly experimental project. Usually, large outdoor sculptures are installed in specific locations and can only be appreciated by the general public in those places. However, in this series, the sculptures can be moved to the preferred locations of children and viewers. The purpose of this project is to enjoy the change in the impression of the surrounding landscape and the emergence of new stories by having sculptures appear in public spaces. Normally, sculptures are fixed in one place once they are installed, but in this series, people can always enjoy new scenery and stories through the movement of the sculptures. Usually, the installation plans for large sculptures are carried out by a limited number of people, such as artists, curators, designers, developers, and owners. However, in this project, the general audience can also determine the placement of the sculptures. They can temporarily place sculptures in the places they use in their daily lives and diversify the enjoyment of the space. This project is a wonderful attempt to change how the general public interacts with large sculptures. They can change the atmosphere and landscape of their favorite places by moving the sculptures there. Additionally, the movement of the sculptures can create new stories and meanings. This project aims to make the enjoyment of public spaces through sculptures more free and diverse. By participating in the sculptures and moving them to their favorite places, the general public can feel a closer connection with them. We hope that this project will be attractive to many people.







Title FFC.
Artist WA!moto.
Year 2021
Material Urethane paint, Urethane coating, Urethane foam
Size H25,00 × W16,00 × D12,00mm