FDS. 003



Urethane coating, Urethane foam

W570 × D70 × H250 mm


FDS. 003

“The ‘Foam Drawing Series’ is a series of spatial drawings that use urethane foam, an architectural material, like paint. Urethane foam is commonly used as insulation and soundproofing material in construction sites, but in this series, its characteristics are utilized as a new method of expression. Urethane foam is flexible and can expand easily, allowing for the creation of free-form shapes. This characteristic is used to manifest the imagery of architectural spaces. This series aims to express spaces freely. By harnessing the softness and vibrant colors of urethane foam, as well as combining abstract and fractal shapes, it brings out the freedom of the spaces. Moreover, the texture and tactile sensation of the urethane foam are also incorporated into the artworks, appealing not only to the visual sense but also to the sense of touch. The ‘Foam Drawing Series’ not only allows for the enjoyment of architectural spaces as works of art but also serves as a source of new inspiration for architects and designers. The artworks in this series have received high praise at exhibitions. Through the use of urethane foam, a material that is not commonly encountered in daily life, it may serve as a catalyst for rediscovering the beauty and allure of materials.”

「Foam Drawing シリーズ」とは、建築素材であるウレタンフォームを絵の具のように使用した空間ドローイングのシリーズです。



「Foam Drawing シリーズ」は、建築空間を芸術作品として楽しむだけでなく、建築家やデザイナーにとっても新たな発想の源となるでしょう。


Title FDS. 003
Artist WA!moto.
Year 2022
Material Urethane coating, Urethane foam
Size W570 × D70 × H250 mm