Urethane paint, Wood, Urethane coating, Urethane foam

W1490 × D80 × H960 mm



Giraffe| S = 1 / 1

The 1/1 scale portrait of a giraffe, drawn using polyurethane foam as a construction material, is a piece that utilizes the foaming properties of polyurethane foam, known for its fractal nature. The abstract silhouette of the giraffe raises questions about the essence of nature for the viewers.

Polyurethane foam is a lightweight yet strong architectural material that possesses properties such as thermal and sound insulation. By utilizing these characteristics, the artist was able to recreate the image of a giraffe. The fractal foaming properties of polyurethane foam were ideal for reproducing the complex shape and contours of the giraffe.

Rather than delivering a direct message to the viewers, this artwork prompts contemplation about the nature of nature through its abstract form. Giraffes are symbolic creatures of the natural world, captivating people with their graceful posture and unique form. However, in this artwork, these features have been partially abstracted, allowing room for interpretation by the viewers.

This abstract silhouette of a giraffe encourages the viewers to ponder their connection to nature and its beauty. Nature is an essential existence for humans, serving as the environment we live in and the source of life itself. Through this artwork, viewers can become aware of the mystery and richness of nature, as well as rediscover the importance of respecting and protecting it.

Additionally, the use of polyurethane foam creates a fusion of functionality and beauty as a construction material. Architecture and art can enhance our lives and environment by combining functionality and aesthetics. This artwork expands the possibilities of construction materials and proposes new methods of expression.






Title FDG.
Artist WA!moto.
Year 2022
Material Urethane paint, Wood, Urethane coating, Urethane foam
Size W1490 × D80 × H960 mm